Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Well, I already picked on Georgia, so today is my ode to the great state of Texas. These are oddly named children born in the lone star state

Boston (um...ok)
Jaxxsen (he'll have to lap dance to make enough to add that extra X to his name)
Ga'Zelle (def: an animal, usually found in Africa and hunted by lions for food)
Symphony (actually...I kind of like this one, I've just never seen it used as a name before hence why it made the list)
Beyonce (no comment)
Alizey (the liquor was kickin in when they picked the name)
Tatorey (insert your own jokes and one liners here)
Riot (wtf????)
Evili (it's just cutting it too close to Evil)
Fester (again wtf???? the only thing that would've made this my best find ever was if their last name had been Adams)

and my new Texas favorite:

Azriel the parents' defense this is a legitimate Jewish name, HOWEVER maybe it's me, but it will always make me think of Gargamel's cat on the Smurfs--it's not quite spelled the same, but...


malika the m.i.l.f. said...

i was lost at "Robneka". why the hell would you name your child something that terrible?

Just Jasmine said...

You're right as soon as I saw Azriel I thought popppa smurf..

just wow at this mess