Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So earlier I posted that M.I.A did not in fact name her son Ickett.

In fact her son's actual name is as reported on TMZ...


Oh yeah 'cause that's so much better than we previously thought. *Side eye*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's so bouncy and shiny...

Charlie Sheen and his new wife Brooke Mueller had twins boys last week...

It's not the names so much that are bad...but rather the combination. The boys are named Max and Bob

which again...not so bad, until you add the Sheen

then they become Max Sheen and Bob Sheen...

Is it just me, or do you suddenly envision hair care products.

In my best announcer voice: For beautiful, long, silky hair try Panteen Max Sheen and for shorter sleeker looks new Bob Sheen

LMAO. I'm done, time to go wash my hair

Monday, March 9, 2009

Overheard in DC...

There is this great website called DCist that I check out at least weekly. It's basically about all things DC...think, your local online version of the City Paper or the equivalent.

Anyway, they run a column every week called "Overhead in DC" (just FYI, they also do versions of this for other cities such as NYC and LA). Overheard in DC is collection of the stupid things people have literally overheard...I'll admit I've even submitted a few gems. This past week's Overheard was just priceless so I've copied it here:

People's names can be pretty interesting: they can be traditional, they can have some deep meaning, or maybe they're just spelled a certain way to be different. Names can follow trends (how many Jaydens did you know 10 years ago?) or can fade away (Elmer or Agnes?) And there's all those funny names, like Richard Head. But sometimes, they're just terrible.

Overheard of the Week

Riding the Green line between Gallery Place and L'Enfant:

30-ish mother to her two children bouncing all over the place: "Perry Ellis and Elizabeth Claiborne! You two sit down and shut up right now!"

Check out more of last week's Overheard

Friday, March 6, 2009

Rhymes with...

OMG, the celebrity baby names...I want to smack myself upside the head like I need a V-8

This week I have been hit with the triple whammy.

First up Matthew Settle from the tv show 'Gossip Girl' and his wife had a baby girl who they named...


Next up, model Niki Taylor who also gave birth to a baby girl chose...


And last but not least M.I.A. last seen performing at the Grammy Awards ---on her due date no less, has named her son...


Rhymes with the sound you're about to hear right now while you ponder what they were thinking...


UPDATE: Contrary to reports M.I.A did NOT name her son Ickett. **Cue thunderous applause**

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

(Un)cool Britannia

Here's one from you guys...courtesy of K.

It's nice to know Americans aren't the only ones who come up with silly monkiers.

And they say the British have no sense of humor...

Pearl Button
Jo King
Barry Cade
Carrie Oakey
Priti Manek
Tim Burr
Terry Bull
Paige Turner
Mary Christmas
Anna Sasin

Check out more from our neighbors across the pond in BBC News

God save the queen!