Monday, March 9, 2009

Overheard in DC...

There is this great website called DCist that I check out at least weekly. It's basically about all things DC...think, your local online version of the City Paper or the equivalent.

Anyway, they run a column every week called "Overhead in DC" (just FYI, they also do versions of this for other cities such as NYC and LA). Overheard in DC is collection of the stupid things people have literally overheard...I'll admit I've even submitted a few gems. This past week's Overheard was just priceless so I've copied it here:

People's names can be pretty interesting: they can be traditional, they can have some deep meaning, or maybe they're just spelled a certain way to be different. Names can follow trends (how many Jaydens did you know 10 years ago?) or can fade away (Elmer or Agnes?) And there's all those funny names, like Richard Head. But sometimes, they're just terrible.

Overheard of the Week

Riding the Green line between Gallery Place and L'Enfant:

30-ish mother to her two children bouncing all over the place: "Perry Ellis and Elizabeth Claiborne! You two sit down and shut up right now!"

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malika the m.i.l.f. said...

LMBAO!!! oh HELL NALL!!! broke negros at their finest!!!