Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speaking in tongues...

Damn you Rickey Smiley...smh

"Paternity Test Tuesday"... smh



Today... they had a couple who was way too f%^&$%# young to be getting paternity tests done. The mom was 14 (WTF????)

The grandmother (who by the way was only 31!!!!), her name was Sheba. Now the girl was supposedly named after the mom. I'm not entirely sure I am spelling this correctly, but her name was:


I promise you. I PROMISE YOU...I did not make that up. The hosts kept pronouncing it like Sha-ba-la-qwe-ta.

*blank stare*

Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Name Day- changes and surprises

Drumroll....here is the SSA TOP NAMES 2009

Boys: 1) Jacob Girls: 1) Isabella

2) Ethan
2) Emma

3) Michael
3) Olivia

4) Alexander
4) Sophia

5) William
5) Ava

6) Joshua
6) Emily

7) Daniel
7) Madison

8) Jayden
8) Abigail

9) Noah
9) Chloe


In a shocker....Emily drops to #6 and Emma is overthrown for Isabella. On the boys side it's team Jacob for the win...lol

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Uber appropriate or hilariously ironic?

Nigeria swore in a new president today.

His name--his real given name:

Goodluck Jonathan

I promise you I did not make this up.

By the way...Sunday the new SSA popular baby name list comes out. :)