Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ah the good old days...and the holidays

So I was poking around for names today and came across this video. Earlier this year there was a great book called "Bad Baby Names." The authors did an interview on one of the morning shows. Here's the clip:

Inspired by this and in honor of the holiday season... I did a quick seach of for some quirky holiday related names.

Wreath Sellers
Candy Cane

Mistletoe Soldier
Holiday Coester

Holiday Holiday
North Pole
Sister Mary Nativity
Blitzen A Giannopulos
Hanukkah Walker
Snow Day
December Lewis
New Year
Santa Claus
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

and of course several people named...

Merry Christmas


malika in atlanta said...

if my parents ever named me "north pole" i would kill myself. i like you. i'm gonna follow.

meili_lo said...

hi there... just so you know, got you on my blog post today :o)