Friday, December 19, 2008

50% off- Today Only

Last minute holiday shopping and bargain basement markdown names. Ah, I love December.

Here's today blue light specials:

Tuesdy (not a was spelled with no 'a')
Sundae (and if her brother's name is Whipped Cream I'm done!)
Trill (so many jokes are coming...)
Ly'Rique (wtf???)
Brax (not Braxton, just Brax like they were just too lazy to spell it
Trentnidy (
Vanity (I'ma sex shooter/shooting love in you de de de/de de de deeeeee. MY bad!)
Hennessy (so ghetto fab)
and this catastrophe:

side commentary: Neveah (which is Heaven spelled backwards) is a name which I am increasing starting to dislike because it is becoming waaaay too trendy for it's own good. The novelty has worn off. So to take an already too trendy name and try to spell it creatively creates an ill fated disaster waiting to happen as with the above. *Smdh* Huge sigh. Eyes rolling. Smacking forehead.

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