Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008

Happy New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new right?

While I am waiting to see what the class of 2009 has in store, here is my unofficial name resolution list.

8 Names/Name Trends That Should Go Out with 2008:

1. Jayden/Aiden and any spelling variation of the the two. Neither one of these names is bad, but if parents think they are being either trendy or original picking either one of these names as soon as their child hits pre-school age they will find they were sorely mistaken.

2. Brooklyn Naming your child after any borough of New York is not a good look. Especially when you've never been, have no affiliation with or live anywhere near NYC. Uggggh!

3. anything ending in 'Asia'- My'asia, Ki-Asia, T'asia, Malaysia-- just ghetto fabulous!

4. names ending in 'ee'- Emilee, Averee, Kailee. I'm sorry, but the double 'e' names always reminds me of some overly amped bubble headed cheerleader/future sorority chick. Like OMG make it stop.

5. random 'Y'- hate this trend with a passion. Why is it so hard to add a vowel somewhere, ANYWHERE? and what's the deal with adding random 'Y's in names that don't need them.

6. dead/aging rock star names- dylan, hendrix, jagger--your child has a better shot as being an accountant, lawyer or a teacher than a rock star, so why burden them with a rock star name. If they really do become rockstars, they'll probably change their names anyway

7. Nevaeh- again, in about 2-4 years you can expect to step into any pre-school or kindergarten class and find about 5-6 little Nevaeh's running around. I'm just waiting to find the kid named Lleh

8. Patience and Honesty. I'm willing to bet they will someday grow up to be strippers or guests on Maury.

Let the weird names begin. Let's see what 2009 has in store...


Just Jasmine said...

lmao @ lleh

whocares said...

Ok, so whoever created this site has WAYYY too much time on their hands and really should stop worryin about what other people name their children. Either ur just jealous cause u cant have any children to name or ur children have dried up old stinkin names. So if u got ur own children how about u post their names so people like us can tear them up!

reedwrites is a writer...d'uh said...

funny was digging through my archives and just saw the above post.

1. Jealousy has never been an issue with me.

2. I'm willing to bet your name is on that list somewhere--don't blame me for that, talk to your mother.

3. You clearly need help and therapy and anger management and a drink...sheesh. relax.