Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 5 Names of Death--Contest

Forgive my old kung fu movie

As I am starting to get feedback on the book, I'm noticing something. Whenever anyone has a name story there are 4 names that repeatedly come up. It's never "I know this person:"...but rather those I know someone who knows someone type of stories and I can't verify that these names actually exist... so... I open this up to anybody who can PROVE these people are real. Shoot, if I can get even one positive verification I will turn this into a full on contest.

#1. Orangello/Lemongello. Snopes debunked this, but this had to have originated somewhere and hence I think it's possible they exist

#2. Abcde (pronounced Ab-se-dee). I've heard this one a few times, googled it and can neither confirm nor deny that someone was that lazy and just ran down the alphabet.

#3. Female (pronounced fe-MAHL-lee). Depending on who tells the story the mom though the doctor named the baby or decided to be cute. Either way...smh.

#4. Shithead (pronounced shi-THEED). This might be one that is legit, but again can neither completely confirm nor deny, though there are many on the web who say they've witnessed this atrocity.

I would like proof that these people are real... by proof, I mean a legitimate source (news story etc.,) that has the name or, a yearbook picture...something of that nature.

Now in the post title notice I said FIVE names of death. This fifth one might be worth a prize if it exists... In earlier posts I've come across the following names: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens (with the 's'), Harlem (which I predicted jokingly, just days before I found it), Brooklyn, and Jersey.

What I am looking for to complete the pattern... is a kid named Staten Island

Let the game begin...

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