Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Bad Baby Names

As if I don't have enought things to do besides starting yet another blog...

However, this one is special (and by request I might add).

For years, I have been keeping tabs on strange names. Don't ask why...I just find it completely facinating when parents find the urge to name their children something as assinine as TyLenol (yes that IS a real name).

So I've been keeping a list... and the list turned into some rules...and the rules have turned into a potential book which I am still currently working on.

So my friends keep coming at me with odd ball names. The list keeps getting bigger and so now by request I'm going to share. I don't make these up. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I try to double check that these are legitimate. Most of the names I research myself for purposes of the book so I can both qualify and verify that somewhere this name does exist (no matter how outrageous they may seem.

I welcome people to submit names. They must be real names. You don't have to include the last name unless the combination together makes it qualify for weirdness (i.e. April Showers). And please no urban legend names... Orangello/Lemonjello do exist somewhere in the universe I'm sure because someone always knows someone who knows them.

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meili_lo said...

this is funny! yes indeed i know some friends who dislike their real names... anyway, one of these days i'll post in my blog if you like your name or not. it's in the list already, so watch out for it =D

thanks for the comments on my post.
c u!