Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can't Take You Seriously When Your Name Makes Me Hungry

Dang it Steve Harvey... (gonna try and see if I can get audio for this, but probably not until tomorrow).

Heard on the radio this morning via the Steve Harvey morning show:

A girl calls in to comment on a regular segment they have called "Strawberry Letter"

Steve: What's your name?
Girl: Cinnamon.
[the hosts start laughing...and they can tell the jokes are coming]
Steve: Is that your real name?
Girl: Yes.
Steve: Where're you from. You from the country ain't you?
[the girl laughs and confirms she's from somewhere in Kentucky. The other hosts are trying not to laugh and the girl says something to the effect of "I've heard all the jokes" and not to mention she is a psychiatrist]
Steve: That had to be a country name. Ain't no city folks 'fin to name their kid Cinnamon. He 'gon rise to the top let's name hom Baking Powder. She's so sweet, let's name her Condensed Milk.

[at which point I started laughing so hard I nearly spit my coffee out]

Smh. And I thought about this... (catch the reference at 2:26. ROTFL)

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