Monday, January 11, 2010

Why I Advocate Rule #8

So I started back to graduate school today.

First order of business orientation where of course in true first day of school fashion they made us slap on the requisite "Hi my name is" blue name tag.
I didn't have time to write something smart ass on mine since I was running late so I was obliged to just go with my given name.

In any case, during the mixer I played the back (as I usually do in untested social situations)... and after a glass of wine or two decided to make a game of observing the name tags of my classmates...

Now allow me to pause...I don't believe I have this rule posted, but RULE #8--I strongly strongly advocate NOT giving kids overly generic (or what I call "wonder bread") names because then you're more apt to find yourself in a situation like I did tonight.


In a group of about 30-40 people, there were 2 Candaces, 4 Lauras, 3 Jens or Jennifers and a couple of Tiffanys. I almost felt like I was in the department of redundancy department. LOL

What are the odds? But my two favorite names of the evening...

I met a girl named Artemis which I actully think is an awesome name...I've just never seen before.

And then there was Southerlyn

Spelled just like I typed it. I thought to myself that's unusual. Not quite sure how I feel about it though. Hmmmm...

I'll take your opinions on that one.

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Clarissa Ramirez said...

I think this person must have had parents who LOVED their electronics...her name was Toshiba...wonder if she has a brother named Sony?